about us

We are proud to be a part of Katy’s history.


Before Katy Area Storage was built, the land was an automobile dealership throughout the late sixties, seventies and eighties.

Bob & Mariette Gramling purchased the Ford dealership in the late seventies after moving their family to Katy and renamed it “Katy Ford”. In 1988, “Texan Ford “(Now “Autonation”) purchased “Katy Ford” and relocated to I-10. Bob Gramling then divided the existing buildings to rent to various small businesses. When Bob passed away in 2001, Rhonda Ingham (daughter) continued renting space but was becoming more and more aware things needed to change.

In 2011 through Rhonda's bookkeeping business, she began working for Mitch Migl keeping books for his storage facility and office park. In 2013, Rhonda approached Mitch for advise on the property. He knew Rhonda wanted to keep the land in her family and suggested a self-storage facility. Knowing she couldn't make that happen on her own, and that she and Mitch possessed the same business ethics, they agreed to become business partners.

After almost 30 years of building custom homes in the Houston area, Mitch Migl turned his focus to building commercial properties. Greenhouse Road Storage was his first venture and shortly after it’s neighboring professional office park. The storage facility was sold in 2013, but the office park continues to thrive and serve West Houston area and exemplify the business practice and service that he brings to Katy.

Mitch Migl and Rhonda Ingham, native Texans and long-time residents of the West Houston and Katy area, are proud to serve you.